What is Run BASIC?

  • Run BASIC is a free web-based programming language that can (taken from the website) write and run your own custom computer programs in the familiar BASIC language without installing any programming software on your computer!

Which editions are available

  1. The free online edition at the Run BASIC home page
  2. The free edition to download and install locally, available at the Run BASIC home page
  3. The Personal Server edition to buy, download and install locally, available at the Run BASIC home page

What is the difference between the editions

  1. The online edition allows to execute your code only on the web page
  2. The free edition allows saving your code locally for repeated execution
  3. the personal server allows publishing your finished program to be executed from the internal network or, if placed on a web server, from the web

Supported Platforms

    1. Windows XP and higher
    2. Linux (any recent distribution should work)
    3. MAC OS X (Intel and Power PC)

Is Run BASIC a server?

Why should I use Run BASIC?

  • Why Not? Run BASIC is the following:
    1. Free
    2. Easy to use
    3. Powered by the very popular Liberty BASIC programming language
    4. Web-Based, so absolutely nothing needs to be installed (unless of course you don't have a web browser)
    5. Syntax blows the hats off Java, HTML, and other web programming languages
    6. Allows for embedded HTML and Javascript
    7. Much. much more...
      • So try it today!

How do I write my own applications?

  • On the main page click the 'Write your Own' tab. Delete the line that says "print 3+4" and your ready to write a powerful Web Application.

How do I learn Run BASIC?

  • From the tutorials on this web page or on the Run BASIC website.

How do I make changes to username and password persistent?

  • Try changing it again, but this time, when you go back to the settings panel, click the "Accept" button. This will write your new username/password to the preferences file.

How do I install Run BASIC under Vista?

  • Install into a folder like C:\Shoptalk Systems\Run BASIC 1.01 Personal Server
  • or C:\Shoptalk Systems\Run BASIC 1.01 Free Edition
  • instead of a folder inside C:\Program Files

Installation was successful, but Run BASIC does not start?

  • Make sure your firewall is not silently blocking rbp.exe.
  • Make sure to exclude rbp.exe from being blocked.
  • If rbp.exe is no more blocked, the Run BASIC console will be displayed, use Launch in Browser to start developing your web applications.