Here's a bare bones slide show in native RB without scripting.

Feel free to add to this.

Update: requires Run BASIC 1.01 for "loadgraphic" statement.

html "</div>"
call SetCSS
dim pix$(200)
files #f, DefaultDir$ + "\public\*.*"
n=#f hasanswer()
if n=0 then
    print "No images found in 'public' folder"
    rc=#f rowcount()
    for i=1 to min(200,rc)
        r$=#f nextfile$()
        im$ = #f name$()
        ext$ = lower$(right$(im$,3))
        if (ext$ ="jpg") or (ext$="gif") then
            k = k + 1
            pix$(k)=DefaultDir$ + "\public\" + im$
        end if
    next i
    j = 0   'initialize slideshow index
    'k now contains total number of images
end if
    j = j+1   'increment counter
    if j>k then j=1
    loadgraphic #p, pix$(j)
    link #test, "Next",[doNext]
    #test cssclass("fancyButton")
    print:print pix$(j)
    render #p
sub SetCSS
CSSClass "a.fancyButton", "{
        Text-Decoration: None;
        Font-Size: 16pt;
        Font-Weight: Bold;
        Font-Family: Verdana;
        Width: 140px;
        Height: 30px;
        Display: Block;
        Background: #FFCC00;
        Color: #000000;
        Text-Align: Center;
        Border-Width: Thick;
        Border-Style: Outset;
        Border-Color: #DDAA00;
end sub