To play, copy the following code to your clipboard. To copy to your clipboard
  1. Highlight the entire code.
  2. Right click your mouse on any of the highlighted area.
  3. Choose COPY from the drop down menu.

Goto Run BASIC and select the Write Your Own tab.

Paste the code into the Run BASIC editor.
  1. Right click your mouse in the editor.
  2. Choose PASTE from the drop down menu.

'Concentric twisting boxes
maxx=500 'maximum x resolution
maxy=500 'maximum y resolution
graphic #frame,maxx,maxy 'start graphic mode
#frame cls("black") 'clear graphic screen as black
#frame size(1) 'pen size 1
#frame down() 'pen down (drawing)
#frame color("white") 'pen color white
pi=3.14159 'variable pi
rad=180/pi 'convert degrees to radians
max=90 'maximum angle
radius=maxx/4 'starting box size
dim x(4) 'x dimension to 4
dim y(4) 'y dimension to 4
#frame line(0,maxy/2,maxx,maxy/2) 'draw horizontal reference line
#frame line(maxx/2,0,maxx/2,maxy) 'draw vertical reference line
for degree=0 to max step 5 'count degree from 0 to max, every 5th
for i=1 to 4 'create the box 4 corners
x(i)=cos((degree+90*(i-1))/rad) 'create x from the box corner
y(i)=sin((degree+90*(i-1))/rad) 'create y from the box corner
next i
'connect the box 4 corners
#frame line(maxx/2+x(1)*radius,maxy/2-y(1)*radius,maxx/2+x(2)*radius,maxy/2-y(2)*radius)
#frame line(maxx/2+x(2)*radius,maxy/2-y(2)*radius,maxx/2+x(3)*radius,maxy/2-y(3)*radius)
#frame line(maxx/2+x(3)*radius,maxy/2-y(3)*radius,maxx/2+x(4)*radius,maxy/2-y(4)*radius)
#frame line(maxx/2+x(4)*radius,maxy/2-y(4)*radius,maxx/2+x(1)*radius,maxy/2-y(1)*radius)
radius=radius+10 'add 10 to box size
next degree 'add 5 to degree and go to for i=...
render #frame 'render graphic